Herbs & Botanicals

Our forest-based herbs and botanicals are bursting with flavor and filled with their own set of nutritional and medicinal oils. We’re particularly enthusiastic about these herbs that are indigenous to the forests and communities we work in.


Tena’Adam (also, “Rue”)

Ruta chalepenesis
In Ethiopia, small sprigs of Tena’Adam often accompany a cup of traditional coffee. As you stir your coffee with its delicate stems, it releases its oils and aromas. Tena’Adam grows abundantly throughout the country, but like most things, we’ve found the richest of these herbs growing in natural forests. The Amharic name translates to “health of Adam,” alluding to its medicinal properties.


Besobila (also, “Ethiopian Holy Basil”)

Ocimum basilicum
An Ethiopian variety of sacred or holy basil, Besobila is an essential ingredient to the popular Ethiopian berbere spice mix. When fresh, it is strongly fragrant, sweet, and pungent. The leaves have a grassier flavor than sweet basil with hints of fennel, and the seeds have a sweet, fruity taste.