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What we actually do

Creating end-to-end supply chains of premium, forest-based products

Forested Foods is a vertically integrated agro-forestry venture. We’re engaged throughout the supply chain, from cultivation to aggregation to processing to packaging, and finally, marketing. We partner with farmers living in forested areas to cultivate forest-based products, like shade-loving spices, fungus, fruits, forest-based honey, gums, and resins. Our aggregation site and processing facilities will be based near the forest so that when products are ready to be harvested, we have easy access to them. We also believe employing forest-based community members reinforces sustainable incentives to protect and cultivate products within forests. Beyond sourcing and processing, we market our products to individual customers, retailers, food service, and wholesalers. We create brands that tell the story of our products - where they come from, by whom and how they were cultivated, and what distinctive characteristics they embody.